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Trust our team in Cheyenne, WY with your electrical repairs

Lights that constantly flicker or outlets that don't deliver power are no good. These modern inconveniences can throw a real wrench in your daily routine. Tackle these issues head on by hiring Stemple Electric Services for your electrical repair. We'll fix your electrical units and make sure they're performing at their best.

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We've got a solution for your electrical problem

We've got a solution for your electrical problem

Electrical outlet & other repairs

There's no electrical repair too big or small for our team. You can look to us for:

  • Electrical outlet repair
  • Home inspection repairs
  • Service and panel upgrades
  • Electrical meter repair

All new parts are protected under a one-year warranty.

Whether you need light switch or electrical outlet repair, you can count on our team to get the job done. Call now to schedule your appointment in Cheyenne, WY.